In this section, we provide information about the main services we offer, as well as our history of the most prominent research projects we have developed in recent years.


We offer consulting to companies and institutions aimed at enhancing their potential. We collaborate in internal organizational processes following the principles of Participation, Equality, and Diversity. We help improve their positioning in the environment in accordance with the objectives and values that guide their activities.


We conduct analyses of different contexts and realities through the use of qualitative and quantitative methodologies in social research. We generate strategic information that facilitates the design of Public Policies and intervention plans based on a comprehensive understanding of the social reality.

Plans / Programs

We develop plans and programs that enable the strategic improvement of various areas such as sustainability, equality, work-life balance, and integration. We analyze the context and identify the needs of different stakeholders, allowing us to incorporate their specificities into the planning.


We carry out evaluation processes (ex-ante and ex-post) of Plans, Programs, Public Policies, or Environmental Intervention Projects (PIM) based on the use of the Social Impact Assessment (SIA) tool. We design impact identification, tracking, and monitoring systems to help improve decision-making processes.

Participatory processes

We carry out projects that promote and facilitate citizen participation. We apply creative and innovative methodologies that address the diversity and needs of various groups and social realities with the aim of empowering citizens and reducing inequalities, thereby enhancing the well-being of all individuals.


We design and conduct training processes, both online and in person, supported by the use of participatory, creative, and innovative tools. We create specific educational materials and design active learning methodologies that adapt to the needs and demands of each group.

Research projects in which we have participated

Anlyzes of Good Practices in Gender and Equality: IES Provincia de Huelva.

Entity/entities: University of Huelva.



Entity/entities: Ministry of Science and Innovation/University of Huelva.


Environmental Training and Education: Climate Change and Sustainability.

Entity/entities: Help in Action/Town Hall of Sant Vicent del Raspeig/IES Josep Vilaplana.


Teaching innovation “Mentoring among peers”.

Entity/entities: University of Huelva.

Municipal Environmental Management in the Guadalquivir Estuary: Barriers and Opportunities toward the Nature-Based Solutions Model (SbN).

Entity/entities: WWF.


TRAIN#ER: Identification of Training Needs in Ecological Restoration.

Entity/entities: Erasmus+/University of Alicante.


Urban Agenda Course: Fundamentals and Methodologies for Local Development and Planning.

Entity/entities: Ayuntamiento de Alicante.


Governance and Social Impact Assessment: Towards the Sustainability of Mining Projects.

Entity/entities: European Union/Junta de Andalucía/University of Huelva.

Proactive Diagnosis: Ecological Transition and Territorial Cohesion in the Valencian Community.

Entity/entities: Generalitat Valenciana/University of Alicante.


Ex-Ante Evaluation for the Care and Assistance of the Population of the Valencian Community within the Framework of the Recovery Strategy.

Entity/entities: Generalitat Valenciana/University of Alicante.


Creation of a Library of Risk Messages for Integration into the GVA 112 Alerts App of the Emergency Coordination Center of the Valencian Government.

Entity/entities: Generalitat Valenciana/University of Alicante.


Ex-Ante Evaluation of the Ariadna Plan: Plan for Youth.

Entity/entities: Generalitat Valenciana/University of Alicante.


Qualitative Study on the Risk Perception of Addictions in the Province of Huelva.

Entity/entities: Unidad de Prevención Social de Diputación/University of Huelva.

Gender Perspective in Governance and Social Impact Assessment Processes: Application in the Study of Mining Projects.

Entity/entities: University of Huelva.


Torrevieja: Citizen Consultation and Participation on the Tourism Sector.

Entity/entities: Ayuntamiento de Torrevieja.


Design of a Guide for Good Socio-Sanitary Practices in Tourist-Residential Housing (Aloja Guide).

Entity/entities: University of Alicante.


Evaluation of the Socioeconomic Impact Generated by the Irrigation Community of Campo de Cartagena.

Entity/entities: Institute of Water and Environmental Sciences UA/Irrigation Community from Campo de Cartagena.

Socio-Environmental Diagnosis of the University of Alicante Campus.

Entity/entities: University of Alicante.


Master Plan Rolândia 2034.

Entity/entities: CODESE/ACIR.


Why Do Those Who Arrive, Arrive?”: An Exploratory Study of the Success Trajectories of Romani University Students in the Valencian Community.

Entity/entities: University of Alicante/Generalitat Valenciana.


Diagnosis of the Potential of P2P Rental Platforms in Tourist-Residential Municipalities of the Costa Blanca.

Entity/entities: Provincial Tourist Board of Costa Blanca (Alicante).

Terecova: Tools for Territorial Planning of Restoration in the Valencian Community.

Entity/entities: University of Alicante.


Preparatory Work for the Development of the Torrevieja Tourism Strategic Plan. Participatory Diagnosis Phase of the Tourism Sector.

Entity/entities: Ayuntamiento de Torrevieja/University Venue of Torrevieja.


La Semana Santa in the Province of Alicante: Socioeconomic Impacts.

Entity/entities: Institute of Economic Studies of the Province o Alicante (INECA)/Provincial Tourism Board of la Costa Blanca.

Toward Sustainable Plastic Management at the University of Alicante: Diagnosis and Proposed Actions.

Entity/entities: University of Alicante.


Qualitative Evaluation of the II Master Plan for Cooperation in Navarra.

Entity/entities: Department of Social Rights of the Government of Navarra.


Quantitative and Qualitative Diagnosis of the II Master Plan for Cooperation in Navarra.

Entity/entities: University Pública of Navarra/Departamento de Derechos Sociales del Gobierno de Navarra.



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