Armando Ortuño

Areas of interest/research: Urban Planning, Economics, Tourism, Mobility, Environmental Sciences.


Graduate in Economics and Ph.D. in Civil Engineering, Roads, Canals, and Ports from the University of Alicante.


Professional experience

In addition to his teaching and research work at the University of Alicante, where he is a part of University Institute of Tourism Research (IUIT) and from University Institute of Water and Environmental Sciences (IUACA), holds positions of responsibility in various organizations.

– Member of the ‘Academic Advisory Panel’ of the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI-HUB), an entity created by the G-20, which promotes the development of sustainable, resilient, and inclusive infrastructure.

–    Technical Director of the Association ‘Madrid, World Capital of Construction, Engineering, and Architecture.’.

–    Director de Proyectos de INECA (Instituto de Estudios Económicos de la Provincia de Alicante).

–    Director of the Pedro Zaragoza Orts Tourism Chair (Benidorm and Costa Blanca) at the University of Alicante.

His experience in management, as well as his interdisciplinary profile, has allowed him to participate in numerous research projects and social consultancy where he has collaborated with a wide range of professionals.



Telephon: +34  646 15 59 66

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